How Shipping Investment Works

Multistar has been continually refining how shipping container investment works since they founded the investment opportunity in 1980.

Purchase 1 or more tank containers

International investor management company

International and pool diversified return

Quarterly returns

10%, 10 year, Guaranteed Return


The international network of Multistar group companies mean we have a unique and unparalleled level of up to date first hand knowledge of:

  • Tank container design
  • Manufacturing options
  • End tank container market conditions
  • Investor management systems
  • Diversification to reduce the risk to individual investors.

You will own your own tank container(s). Multistar will then put these into the pool where they are used internationally, in a wide range of locations and global industries to deliver a diversified return. The diversification of industries, locations and currencies stabilises the risk to individual investors who historically received a return proportional to the size of their investment in our investor pool.

At the moment, we have secured long term and back to back agreements at a level that allow us to offer a 10%, 10 year guaranteed return on tank container investments.

What Next?

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