What to Invest in South Africa

Within South Africa, investors are considering Offshore Investments. Not only because of the investment opportunities, but also to offshore a proportion of their wealth from South Africa.

Established South African Reserve Bank approved

Unlimited offshore investment amount

Supports high value manufacture in South Africa

Largest & longest established investor base

Tax Efficient & usefull retirment planning


Tank containers are a unique, legal and unlimited financial instrument that convert South African Rands to foreign currency, which can be retained in the offshore account of your choice. This established investment was initiated by Multistar in 1980. This investment has full South African Reserve Bank and South African Revenue Services approval. No other company in South Africa has a longer history nor administers a larger tank container fleet.

  • Tank container investments are not related or associated to an individual's 4 million Rand foreign investment allowance.

The manufacture of tank containers in South Africa initiated by Multistar uses local skilled labour to create a high quality value added product, giving jobs income and wealth to South Africa.

Within South Africa, the tank container investment cost can be set off against revenue for tax purposes. The South African Revenue Service allows the capital value of the asset to be depreciated over a period of ten years. The depreciation allowance and finance costs may be set off against the tank container income in the hands of the investor. This giving a tax free investment for the initial ten years.

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