Shipping Container Investment

Multistar investigated shipping container investment in the early 1980's. It was rapidly concluded that tank containers were the best shipping container investment opportunity.

10%, 10 year, Guaranteed Return

South Africa's original 1980's tank container investment company

International Investor Base

International Office Network

Diverse Manufacturing Base


Multistar was the original, early 1980's, International Tank Container Investment Company, and whilst the majority of its initial tank container investors were based in South Africa, there are a growing number of International investors who have taken advantage of this global and expanding tank container investment opportunity.

Multistar introduced Consani engineering and Welfit Oddy into tank container manufacture, both of whom, one after the other became the annual largest international tank container manufacturers, and still places major tank container orders with manufacturers to feed its investor market.

With a Head Office in England, offices on Rotterdam, Houston, Germany and Singapore Multistar is able to offer International coverage and currently offers investors units at factory cost and a guaranteed return of 10% for the first decade.

Size Matters

  • Multistar is now responsible for approximately 6,000 tank containers.
  • We have over 70 permanent staff centered on our head office in England. We have offices in South Africa, Holland, Germany, Singapore and America, and close relationships with agents covering the rest ofthe globe.
  • Our fleet, our turnover and our profit has grown slowly every year including 2013 and we have consistently expanded, consolidated and then expanded a little more.
  • The Multistar group of companies, it's staff and owners, own just over half of the fleet. All units are owned and managed under the same terms and conditions.

Investment Stability

Tank ContainerSo-called alternative investments, such as tank containers are becoming increasingly popular as investors loose faith in traditional stock market investments. Many appreciate the concept of owning a tangible hard asset that earns international hard currency (principally U$D's).

Tank containers are internationally recognised by regulatory bodies as the safest, most economical method of transporting the majority of bulk liquids. The industry is regulated by various bodies functioning under the umbrella of the United Nations, in particular the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

From a base of transporting essential chemicals necessary in a rising or falling economy, they benefit from not only any growth in world trade, but also the move from alternative transport methods such as barrels that are typically more costly and less environmentally sustainable.

The strict regulatory framework around operating tank containers ensure that they are continually well maintained so as to give a 20+ year income stream at solid lease rates at the end of which they have a scrap value or can be remanufactured whichever is the more viable option.

What Next?

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