Types of Tank Container & Capacities

Multistar's fleet consists of a wide range of capacities to meet the wide range of requirements of shippers who wish to transport and/or store their liquid cargoes.


The most common tank container - the workhorse of our industry - falls under the Code T11 / IMO 1 / UN Portable Tank with the following specifications:

  • 4 Bar Working Pressure / 6 Bar Test Pressure
  • Bottom Discharge Outlet with Triple-Closure System consisting of:
    • Internal Foot Valve operated by a remotely located external handle
    • A 3-inch butterfly or ball valve with a 3-inch BSP screwed outlet cap.
  • Steam Heating Channels - Up to an effective area of 9 square meters
  • Insulation & Cladding
  • Minimum Shell Thickness of 4.8 stainless steel or the equivalent of 6mm mild steel
  • Pressure Relief Valve(s)
  • Airline Connection
  • Provisions for Top Outlet Valve and Fittings
  • Capacity Range: 17,500 litre to 26,000 litre

*Note: The IMO classification is in the process of converting to the T-Code system.

These tanks are designed to transport or store the following products:

  • Hazardous
  • Toxic and corrosive
  • Spontaneously combustible
  • Oxidizing
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Food-Grade


Some products require a higher design pressure, thicker vessel walls, special outlet valves and/or special pressure relief devices. Some corrosive cargoes may require the vessel to be lined or made from special types of materials. Inquire for further information.

Electrically heated - Designed for the carriage of sensitive cargoes where temperature control is required either during transport or static storage. Full specifications available upon request.

We welcome your inquiries for cargo specific tank containers (non-standard).

Please contact us for further details.