The Leasing Process

Off-Hire Leasing

The Off-Hire Process

The off-hire process

01: Lessee requests off-hire in writing, giving notice as per contract terms, and advising last product information.

02: Multistar advises if contract terms have been met and issues redelivery authorization to Lessee and to the depot.

03: Lessee arranges to have tank trucked to a cleaning facility and then to Multistar's authorized depot. A cleaning certificate must Accompany the tank.

04: Tank arrives at depot and rental stops as per contract terms.

05: Depot prepares repair estimate and presents to Multistar for review.

06: Multistar reviews estimate, allocates damage costs to Lessee or Multistar, and presents to Lessee for approval.

07: Lessee is given 7 days to authorize repair estimate. If no response within this time, the estimate is considered approved and repairs authorized.

08: If Lessee disputes the estimate, a joint survey conducted by two independent surveyors appointed by Multistar and Lessee is performed and their decision is final.

09: The repair invoice is prepared by Multistar and sent to Lessee.