The Leasing Process

On-Hire Leasing

The On-Hire Process

The on-hire process

01: Contract between Multistar and Lessee is negotiated, agreed upon and signed by Lessee.

02: Multistar advises tank numbers to depot and surveyor who is authorized to perform on-hire survey.

03: Depot and surveyor coordinate on-hire survey.

04: Depot and surveyor confirm tank is ready for pick up.

05: Multistar issues release to Lessee advising depot address, contact information, tank number and release number.

06: Lessee arranges with their trucker to pick up tank.

07: Trucker contacts depot to schedule time to pick up tank.

08: Depot releases tank to Lessee's trucker who must have the release number in order to pick up tank.

09: Depot advises Multistar the date tank left their facility and Lessee's contract and rental commence.